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From Kitty hawk to Apollo 11, the shuttle and beyond...
1lifetime.gif (88 KB)

A unique design for a space colony (interior)
Asgard.jpg (74 KB)

A unique design for a space colony (exterior)
Asgard1.jpg (145 KB)

The rococo lunar colony...
Avalon.jpg (157 KB)

Proposed DC-3 SSTO deploying a satellite
DC-3.jpg (150 KB)

First in a series of impossible perspectives
EarthFromMars.jpg (61 KB)

A lunar colony built in a crater
Ecosphere.jpg (95 KB)

Reusable launch vehicle deploying the Hubble Space Telescope
Hubble11.jpg (108 KB)

Reusable launch vehicle docking with Space Station
LBSS.jpg (87 KB)

Computer graphic drawing of Moon/sunset
MOON.jpg (138 KB)

Another impossible perspective!
MarsFromEarth.jpg (81 KB)

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